The Nashville Vocal Coach, Lorna Greenwood

"My vocal instructor, Ms. Lorna truly my inspiration and mentor..she has inspired me vocally and mentally to follow my dreams. I am soo greatful to have a vocal instructor as talented and genuine as Ms.
Katiee Gilliard


"The Ritz Voices"
"It didn't take me long for me to be able to pick out your students! Your teaching style and quality of excellence was very evident in each and every one of them."
Deborah J. McDuffie.........Choral Director

"Honestly, I thought that I really had no future in being a good singer. I had plenty of other voice coaches and had read nearly every available book on the subject but it didn't help very much. But, with just a few lessons with you, my ability to utilize my voice was completely revamped." Todd Shapiro, Vocal Student

"Lorna has given all the advise, coaching, and encouragement that a young student could dream of!" T.A. Erdman, Parent of a Student


The Nashville Vocal Coach
P.O. Box 19942, Jacksonville, Florida 32245
904-727-7057 | Contact Lorna

Proud Member
CMA™ (Country Music Association)
NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association)
ASCAP ( American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)
BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.)
Nashville Music Pros

Wall of Fame

Lorna & Randy Travis
Lorna, Randy Travis, Nicole & Kathy
Kirsten & Lorna
Kirstin Campbell & Lorna backstage @ Fox Theatre St. Louis, MO
Lorna & Bill Monroe
Lorna & Father of Bluegrass Bill Monroe
Lorna & Bill Monroe
Lorna & German Platinum songwriter/producer Nick Munro
Lorna & Bill Monroe
Roger Whittaker & Lorna in Hamburg Germany, Photo by Astrid Kirchherr of Beatles fame
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Lorna, Country Music's Hall of Fame Harold Bradley & Katie Gillard
Lorna, Two Time Grammy Winner Dennis Scott & Katie Gillard
Lorna, Two Time Grammy Winner Dennis Scott & Katie Gillard
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Katie Gillard, Lorna, Editor of The Nashville Musician Walt Trott & Musician's Local #257 Business Agent Kathy Shepard
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Mon Reve.....Lorna Greenwood & Kathy Shepard
Need AltLorna, Nicole Hank Jr. & Kathy
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Lorna & Kirstin Campbell backstage @ the Fox Theatre Detroit, MI
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Lorna & Guy Whittaker backstage in Hamburg Germany
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Lorna with Mr. & Mrs. Willi Geck of Schönwald Germany
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Kathy Shepard, Vic Willis, Lorna.......The Vic Willis Trio
Kathy Shepard, Vic Willis & Lorna  The Vic Willis Trio
Kathy Shepard, Vic Willis & Lorna  The Vic Willis Trio
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Lorna, Roger Whittaker & Kirstin Campbell  backstage
Lorna Performing @ Boston Playboy Club 1973
Lorna Performing
@ Boston Playboy Club 1973
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"Kitchen Table Fable" photo Kathy Shepard as Dorothy Sue, Michael Bousson as Step Aunt Emily Bob Lorettie Jones and Lorna as Cindy Lou
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Lorna, Angel & Kathy pre show @ The Cannery, Nashville TN
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Kathy Shepard & Lorna performing
@ The Station Inn in Nashville, TN
Roger Whittaker, Lorna & Kieran Overs
Roger Whittaker, Lorna & Kieran Overs

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